Supporting the business community for the last 20 years,

Located in the Greater Paris Area, Maxelysee is able to take charge of your computing environment.

You will benefit from our strong expertise in areas such as servers, network infrastructures, ERP/PGI software (management, accounting and payroll) and VOIP telephony.

Whether you are self-employed, a micro-business, an SME with fewer than 100 employees, or a public authority, we can satisfy your computing needs regarding:

  • The commissioning of IT equipment, such as computers (PCs, laptops, IMac, MacBook, printers, etc.).
  • The installation of email servers (exchange, Linux, postfix, etc.).
  • the installation of file-sharing servers, database sharing servers or printing servers (Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple).
  • Connection of your IT installed base to the Internet.
  • connection of several sites through secure links (VPN).
  • Installation of Remote Workstations (Tse, Rdp, etc.).
  • Migration from traditional telephony systems to a VOIP system.
  • Installation of video-surveillance cameras.
  • Securing your IT infrastructure (VLAN, firewalls, antivirus, anti-spam, IDS, user accounts).
  • Support, maintenance, IT or VOIP telephony facilities management.
  • network wiring of your premises.
  • training of your staff (as we are an approved training centre, the related expenses may be covered by your training contribution collecting body).
  • Development of specific programs.
  • Management of a heterogeneous installed base (Microsoft, Apple, Linux).
  • Installation and setup of the PGI/ERP software of publishers Apisoft, Apibat, Sage, EBP and Ciel.
  • Installation of backup, outsourced backup.
  • Creation of business continuity plans and recovery plans (BCP/RP).

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